Fly Fishing in Croatia

Dedicated to my favourite river and to the need for its preservation and protection

If you feel like fishing in intact and preserved nature, clean rivers, among sociable and friendly people, then Croatia is the place for you. If you are looking for autochtonous and wild fish populations, if you want your heart beating in the rhythm of the river flow until you melt together and become one, then our rivers are what you are looking for. If you share our obsession with water and it is difficult for you to find a clear line between religion and fly-fishing, you will come to the right place. If you are fed up with crowds and you want some peace, quiet and simplicity, if you want the rivers just for yourself, you will find it all here. If some of the above mentioned is what
you are looking for, if you see yourself in it, we will be waiting for you...


Angling is reaching a new high plane when a fisherman can spend a day on the stream or lake, catching fish and returning them to the water again, unharmed, to come home empty handed. That angler keeps no trophy to show his fellow man as proof of his prowess but contents himself with the pleasure of hours well spent in the surroundings he loves. He has fished for sport and not for glory.″  
Lee Wulff (The Handbook of Freshwater Fishing, 1939.)

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